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Onsite Digital Lab: Bringing Innovation to Oral Surgery

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What is an Onsite Digital Lab?

An onsite digital lab in an oral surgery setting refers to a dedicated space within the clinic where digital technologies are used to design and fabricate dental restorations, prosthetics, surgical guides, and more. Equipped with advanced technologies such as CAD/CAM software, 3D scanners, 3D printers, and milling machines, an onsite digital lab enables oral surgeons to provide efficient, accurate, and personalized solutions to patients.

The Role of Onsite Digital Lab in Oral Surgery

The process in an onsite digital lab typically begins with digital impressions or scans of the patient’s mouth. These scans serve as the foundation for designing the needed restorative device or surgical guide. Once the design is complete, it’s then sent to a 3D printer or milling machine within the lab for fabrication.
In the context of oral surgery, onsite digital labs are particularly beneficial for procedures such as dental implant placement, bone grafting, and full-mouth rehabilitation, among others. For instance, they enable the quick production of custom surgical guides for implant surgery or the immediate fabrication of dental prosthetics.

The Benefits of an Onsite Digital Lab

Having an onsite digital lab offers numerous advantages:
  • Efficiency: The lab’s proximity allows for quicker design and fabrication of restorations or surgical guides, often reducing wait times and the number of required appointments.
  • Precision: Advanced digital technologies ensure high precision in the design and fabrication process, leading to improved fit, comfort, and functionality of the dental solutions.
  • Personalization: Onsite digital labs facilitate the creation of patient-specific designs, which leads to more effective and aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Quality Control: Having the lab onsite allows the oral surgeon to oversee the entire process from design to fabrication, ensuring high-quality results.

Why Choose Services with an Onsite Digital Lab?

Patients and oral surgeons alike appreciate onsite digital labs due to:
  • Convenience: The ability to design, create, and adjust dental restorations or surgical guides on-site can streamline the treatment process, offering greater convenience to patients.
  • Improved Outcomes: The precision and personalization facilitated by the onsite digital lab often lead to improved treatment outcomes.
  • Time-Saving: With an onsite digital lab, dental solutions can be created faster, often enabling same-day restorations or immediate surgical guide production.


An onsite digital lab is a cutting-edge solution in oral surgery, offering enhanced precision, convenience, and efficiency. By integrating advanced digital technologies into the clinic, oral surgeons can provide high-quality, personalized care that caters to each patient’s unique needs. As with any treatment option, it’s important to discuss with your oral surgeon how the services of an onsite digital lab can benefit your specific case.